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Food Allergy Test in London

Islington Central Medical Centre

47 Roman Way, London, N7 8XF, United Kingdom


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08:00 – 18:30
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08:00 – 18:30
08:00 – 18:30
08:00 – 18:30

Food Intolerance Test Islington Central Medical Centre

Get a Food Allergy Test (Food Sensitivity Test) in London with Islington Central Medical Centre.

Find out about the cost and other information on this page and contact Islington Central Medical Centre directly to book a Food Intolerance Test.

We offer food and allergy intolerance tests at Islington Clinic. Home test and in-pharmacy testing available. Book online.

Common conditions covered by a Food Sensitivity Test

Lactose intolerance Histamine intolerant Gluten sensitivity Salicylate intolerance FODMAP intolerance Sulfite sensitivity

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Food Sensitivity tests

Food intolerance tests are divided into two types: those based on breath, such as the breath test, and serological tests, i.e. tests that verify the presence of intolerances through a bloo...

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